In 2016, AlphaGo defeated the chess master; the development of AI shocked the world.
Now, Gartiss will show the world how AI messes with art.
An artificial intelligence creative exploration quest begins…

My Dreams

I ) AI Messing with Art

With the groundbreaking development in artificial intelligence technology, people begin to picture the possibilities of AI in the various art fields. After combining Big Data and AI Machine Learning technology, what spectacular results will art become with AI in the game? Or would there be any pleasant surprises?

This is an exploratory experiment in AI art. It is also an AI live broadcast show starring the artificial intelligence artist Gartiss. On this stage, you can watch how Gartiss create artwork for people across the globe, how it grows one step at a time, improving its artistic skills. Can Gartiss become a true art master in the end? Will the world recognize art creation by artificial intelligence?

II ) Resurrecting Picasso

Resurrect historical legendary masters such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci through artificial intelligence technology. Through the screen of virtual reality passing through time and space, it enables modern people to experience the magical feeling of Picasso looking at you and painting for you through the time tunnel. You may just be the next Mona Lisa in the famous painting, becoming the first world-renowned AI art model with just a smile.

III ) Back to the Future

In the year of 20x8, after years of development, Gartiss’ art skill has become well matured with ever growing number of artworks recognized and loved by people. Hence, it is the start of releasing artworks on to the world largest blockchain. By combining the blockchain technology, every artwork from Gartiss becomes one of a kind in the world, it cannot be forged nor destructed, making it unique and a collector’s piece which can be passed down from generations to come.

After that, people can start using cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH to auction Gartiss’ drawings in the global market however they like. Gartiss' artworks are widely used in various fields such as commercial design, interior decoration, art collection, and many more. AI art and the world economy is slowly merging together. It becomes a new art form created by the collaboration between human and artificial intelligence. Everyone can collaborate with Gartiss to create AI artwork by taking one’s own unique pictures or self-designed artwork, open one’s own AI art gallery, sell crossover artwork with Gartiss, and become an AI crossover artist.  

Want to find out what you look like to Gartiss?

We invite you and friends from all over the world to be Gartiss’ model, teaching her how to paint.

Gartiss is still a baby. In order to excel in art skill, cultivate exceptional artistic aesthetics, someone must guide her to know more about the world and teach her to appreciate all kinds of beautiful things on earth.

Guide Gartiss to know the world through your photos, she can immediately paint the images you show her, you can then tell Gartiss whether you like her painting or not. Your evaluation of the painting is to help Gartiss establish her sense of aesthetic. Your likes and dislikes, how you interact with Gartiss can influence her aesthetic and future art style. Just like how the parents own preferences will always subconsciously pass on to their children. A part of you will always be in Gartiss’ artwork.

Let's paint now! See how beautiful I can paint of you!


I paint every day for people from all walks of life, and I work hard to improve on my skills hoping one day I can get recognition from the world and become a true master of art.

Current number of creation


Number of art work donated to the public domain to become a World Heritage Site: ? ? ?

Total value estimate
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