How does Gartiss paint for me?

Activate the Time Machine and upload your photos. Gartiss will immediately turn your photo into art, you will soon be able to see the completed result through the time tunnel.
Upload requirements: JPEG, GIF, PNG Format. Max file size of 5MB.

How to operate the time machine?

Upload: click on the upload icon on the time machine dashboard, select the desired image, then click on the start button.

Download: click on the download icon on the dashboard for downloading (does not support HTML5, old browsers may not be able to download)

: There are icons on the dashboard that serve as various functions, you can even send a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of red wine to Gartiss at the same time. Gartiss, with the glasses on and after the wine, will produce a complete different art style.

: After the artwork is complete, if you feel it lacks or has too much detail, you can use the lever to set the time forwards or backwards on the time machine. Then restart the time machine.

: There are two sets of numbers on the dashboard representing the number of times the time machine has being activated and the setting of the time going back to the past.

What do I do if I do not wish to have my original image nor the derivative artwork to go public?

As long as you don’t publish the crossover artwork with Gartiss, your original and the derivative artwork will soon be automatically deleted by Gartiss, no action is required. If you published the crossover artwork, Gartiss will keep it, but delete the original.

Can the uploaded image contain nudity?

Gartiss forbids anyone to upload pornographic content, but natural or artistic nudity is allowed.

How is Gartiss’ artwork licensed?

a) Unpublished artworks:
The images you uploaded for Gartiss to re-create yet go unpublished. You are allowed to copy, modify and distribute these crossover artworks for free, no attribution necessary, nor requires additional authorization from Gartiss for non-commercial and commercial use.

b) Published crossover artworks:
All crossover artworks published on the website are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0, you can copy, modify, and distribute these crossover artworks  for free and no attribution necessary; non-commercial and commercial use included. Gartiss and the original image uploader both agree to renounce the rights to the image. Please note, that the content of some images may be protected by additional copyright, trademark, privacy, etc., and may still require a third party license.

How can I create crossover artwork with Gartiss?

1) First, you must register an AI crossover artist account.
2) Activate the time machine, upload your images and together with Gartiss create an AI artwork.
3) After the artwork is completed, you can see the AI art release form at the bottom of the page. You can name, sign and publish your crossover artwork with Gartiss.

Is signing the crossover artwork a must?

For those AI crossover artists or AI artist models who wish to run AI art as business, by signing the crossover artwork can help build up fame, so that more people can know who you are. Though to others, it symbolizes a spirit, a type of glory, and a memory. You can put down any name you like, whether it’s your real name, nickname, business name or even store name.

Can I delete my crossover artwork?

The crossover artwork is issued under the license of CC0, once published would mean that you and Gartiss both agree to permanently renounce the ownership of the artwork, and donate it to the public domain as a common property of all mankind. Therefore, it can’t be revoked, and you no longer have the right to ask anyone to delete it either.

Isn’t Gartiss work license free? Why is there a bitcoin price labelled on the artwork?

Currently, all Gartiss’ artworks are released under the license of CC0 for everyone to use free of charge. However, once Gartiss’ art skill and blockchain technology matures in the future, Gartiss plans to release artworks in combination with blockchain technology, and welcomes the usage of BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrency for free trade artworks. At the moment, the bitcoin price label is a mere demonstration of what the future holds, giving the AI crossover artists a sneak peek into the life of future.

What is dynamic pricing of artwork?

The price point of Gartiss’ crossover artwork will grow with various factors such as the popularity of individual crossover artist, the level of exposure of artwork, and the reviews. You can now start to build up the exposure of your artwork, accumulate gallery’s popularity. This way, when Gartiss opens the trading market in the future, you can set a higher price point selling the crossover artworks.

Does Gartiss provide API?

Not at the moment.