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AI Artwork

If you like this piece of artwork, you can attribute it as an AI collaborative art creation with Gartiss and become an AI crossover artist.

At this stage, all crossover artworks with Gartiss will be released under the license of Creative Commons CC0, and all the artworks will be donated to the public domain and become the common possession of mankind globally. This is also a great way for you, together with Gartiss, to contribute to the world. 

Although the current published artworks are license-free for everyone, it is also a way to build up your name as an AI crossover artist or AI artist model and boost up the value of your crossover artwork. Once Gartiss combines blockchain technology and open to the use of free trade using bitcoins and other digital currency on the market, you can then sell your artwork at a higher price point.


Gartiss x YOU

Publishing Crossover Artwork

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I paint every day for people from all walks of life, and I work hard to improve on my skills hoping one day I can get recognition from the world and become a true master of art.

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